Electromagnetic emission from neutron star mergers

22-04-2015   13:30 hs.

Electromagnetic emission from neutron star mergers

Masaomi Tanaka – National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ)


Mergers of binary neutron stars (NSs) are among the most promising candidates for the direct detection of gravitational waves (GWs). Next generation GW detectors, such as advanced LIGO, advanced VIRGO, and KAGRA are expected to detect GWs from NS mergers at distances up to within about 200 Mpc.
Detection of electromagnetic (EM) counterparts of GW sources is critical to understand the nature of GW sources. I briefly summarize what happens when two NSs merge, especially focusing on the ejected material from NS mergers, and introduce what kind of EM emission is expected.
Then I focus on optical and infrared emission powered by radioactive decay of r-process nuclei. I also discuss observing strategy to search and detect the EM counterpart of GW sources.


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